What's your dream?

Securing the job you always aimed for?

Advance quicker than your coworkers?

Get work done FASTER?

The feeling of actually GETTING IT?

Let´s get closer to those dreams today!

What others are saying

“The exercises and quizzes throughout the course really helped. I appreciated that the course was broken down into manageable sections, making it easier to fit into my busy schedule. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their Excel skills.”

Martin Bäck

“Thank you ExcelBerry for your easy and fun way to teach Excel! I loved how flexible the course was, allowing me to learn at my own pace. Great to have the possibility to do it in 2x speed, it actually worked quite well.”

Robin Jidegren

“Take this course! I use Excel every day but there was so much I learned. Tips and tricks and tools that I will use from now on. Just the right amount of information and just the right pace forward. And Rickard (ExcelBerry) was so enthusiastic and passionate about Excel.”

Sophia Andersson

Why Excel Gives You the Boost You Want

The best software to master if you want to advance quickly in your career, especially at an early stage

  • The Number 1 software for managing data. And hey, it's not only for investment bankers and accountants.

  • Helps you get stuff done. “I don’t want to get through my work more efficiently,” said no professional ever.

  • Easiest way to organize, analyze and visualize your data. Complex mathematical functions in just seconds.

The Excelerator Course


    Download an Excel spreadsheet to follow along better and keep for future reference. Listen to videos of 2-20 minutes each. Watch a video on the bus, in the bathroom, when you completed today's work and have some time to kill or simply when you just want to LEARN.


    To all of you who have never had the satisfaction of using Excel, but also to all of you who use it every day and want to achieve greater things.


    The goal is for you to feel comfortable with trying out new things and believe in yourself, even those occasions when you don't know how to complete the task immediately.

Rickard teaches Microsoft Excel to individuals och businesses.

Since launching ExcelBerry in November 2022, his videos have been shown to over 1,000,000 people on YouTube & TikTok.
He makes learning Excel fun (as shown to the right)!

Rickard has worked as an auditor, accountant and business controller for 10+ years and knows what you need to know in Excel to get the work done!

A short video about the Excelerator Course


  • How long time can I expect the course to take?

    How long time does it take to binge watch a Netflix-series? If you really take the time to go through all material provided, it takes up to 10 hours.

  • Is there a deadline when I have to finish the course?

    No. The course will be open for you to finish it whenever it suits you. But remember your goal, you bought the course for a reason!

  • Are there more courses than The Excelerator Course?

    An advanced course is under production. The course will be as AWESOME as the first one, but targets the more advanced users.

  • Can I buy the course for my team?

    Yes! Please email support@excelberry.com to learn more.